2 Total Unwind Vacations That Are Hot for the Summer

Summer is for vacations, and some vacations should be just for relaxing. Some people will plan all sorts of interesting and strenuous activities during their summer break, and find that they go back to work more tired and stressed than before their vacation. 

For them and everyone else, how about some vacation ideas that are sure to provide nothing but calm and relaxation? Here are two that are nothing at all alike, but fit the bill. 

A Yachting Holiday on the Mediterranean

For a holiday that screams the ultimate, consider one that all of the socialites and celebrities always seem to enjoy; a yacht charter on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. This vacation is the ultimate chill situation because you can be pampered from the time you arrive until the fateful day you have to leave the yacht. The best way to set it up for yourself is to do it like the highest tax bracket travelers do, which is the following:

  1. Do your research on the type of yacht you want to charter. 
  2. Write down all of the details you can think of about the yacht; where you want to board it, where you would like to travel with it, and the times you want to travel.
  3. Contact Vyra.com and give them all of this information about your plans. They will work closely with you to help you get the boat you want, along with creating the itinerary for your travels. They will work within your budget or offer you options that realistically fit your budget. When you are done with this, you will have a list of boats for charter, their complete specs and where they can be picked up on the dates you want.
  4. You should discuss with the charter company what amenities you want on the yacht and if you intend on fishing, or playing watersports. It can make sure that all needed equipment is on board for you. 
  5. You should also discuss with the company to have them provide a complete crew for your yacht. This can include everyone needed to sail or power the boat along with a chef and even a masseuse if requested.
  6. Learn about the legalities of everything, especially when organizing a trip for employees. You wouldn’t want to deal with a workers comp lawyer.

A Turn the Phone and Computer off and Stay at Home Vacation

One of the simplest ways to completely unwind during a vacation is to shut off your phone and computer and simply do nothing. Believe it or not, this requires a ton of discipline because most people interact with their phones and internet dozens of times each day. But it is also true that these interactions cause stress and even holding a smartphone or laptop taps can disturb your calm. If you intend to take this type of a vacation, alert your office and friends that they should not contact you unless of an emergency, and that you will do the same during this vacation period. 

While you are at home, use the opportunity to catch up on your rest, read a good book or two, do some TV show binge watching, and take some long baths. The idea is to do anything that allows you to simply rest.

Winding down during your vacation time is essential, particularly if you have a job or lifestyle that is high stress. It is great to sometimes put things in high gear but remember, the body needs rest and time to recharge. With this in mind consider one or both of these relaxing vacations