4 Best Scuba Diving Places in the World for Enthusiasts

Our world is full of adventures but we specifically talk about scuba diving today. It is popular activity for thrill-seekers and you can explore the depth of the ocean to come across with some amazing sea life. There are so many locations in the world known for scuba diving. Each place has its own charm or specialty. It is really difficult to choose one destination for scuba diving, but we will help you through this guide which holds information about the best scuba diving locations. So, you can simply choose your favorite destination according to your taste. In our opinion, every place is worth-visiting and you can visit every location without hurting you’re travelling budget with the backing of coupon.com.kw after inserting Booking.com voucher code Kuwait at the time of booking your plane tickets. With the help of enthusiast travelers, we have compiled a list of best scuba diving locations for devotees. Keep scrolling to check out these places.

Cape Kri, Indonesia:

This place in Indonesia is known for its wonderful coral gardens. You will see some of the amazing fish and other marine life. You will get a chance of to see 350+ species of fish including sharks, revallies, and barracudas. In short, it is a fantastic spot for scuba divers and they can witness some of the memorable things. What are you waiting for? Go and explore this location now.

Galapagos Island, Ecuador:

Here’s another famous scuba diving spot which is really popular among tourists. To be honest, the hype is genuine and you will see some of the biggest sea giants here like sharks. The size of these sharks is bigger than a bus and it is such a treat for shark lovers. Moreover, the marine life at this island is really fantastic and you should add this island to your bucket list. You can go to this country or island without hurting your savings after getting discount on flight fares with the exploitation of Booking.com voucher code Kuwait. This offer is only accessible at coupon.com.kw for loyal users.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia:

When it comes to scuba diving, this place in British Columbia will never let you down. The temperature of this country is slightly cold but it is worth exploring. The marine life is really remarkable and you will come across with many species of fish and other coral things. Want to see octopus? Only this island is suitable for watching octopus and crabs. There are some other coral reefs and creatures that you will see here.


Want to go on a nautical voyage? We ate rounding up this place for you because it is ideal for scuba diving. It features more than 300 shipwrecks and the water is very clear. It will be a memorable experience for divers. Make use of Booking.com voucher code Kuwait from coupon.com.kw and catch incredible price cut on ticket fares of plane. What more could you ask for?