The 5 best tourist destinations in Europe

Europe has a society of European countries known as the European Union which currently has 27 member states, and is still growing including tourist destinations.  Therefore, tourist attractions in Europe are one of the most dreamed of by every tourist. This is because the city scenery, beautiful buildings and natural beauty of Europe itself deserve to be used as the most famous tourist location in all corners of the world. Some countries from continental Europe such as Spain, Italy, Germany, and others can provide amazing views that will make you amazed and do not want to return to your homeland. Here are the most popular European tourist attractions and hits of the century:

  1. Paris, called the most romantic city ever. The capital of France is the dream of everyone in the entire hemisphere. The iconic Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular things in Paris, France. In addition, Paris is also considered the center of world fashion. So do not be surprised if this city is always crowded and crowded by foreign tourists.
  2. The city of Madrid, Spain is famous for its wide variety of performing arts. Starting from Toreros better known as Bull Fighters to Flamenco Bailaors. In addition, you will find the Plaza Mayor in Madrid which you can visit in the downtown area. There is also Gran Via, Buen Retiro Park, and the Royal Palace of Madrid which is no less interesting to spoil the eyes. If you are lucky enough when traveling to Madrid, you can watch football matches that are directly displayed at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.
  3. Italy is also one of the most recommended tourist attractions in Europe because of other interesting things. Venice for example, you will find very amazing scenery with a very neat city layout, slick typical of Europe. Venice also often referred to as this water city has several mainstay buildings such as dodge’s palace and bridge of sign. Make sure you provide a camera because it is quite a pity if this historical building you do not immortalize.
  4. London, the capital of the United Kingdom became the most visited location by tourists from all over the country. Not without reason, London becomes a city crowded with tourists, the beauty of every scene offered provides a certain sensation for visitors. Starting from the River Thames which is often used as a filming location for high-weight films, the Tower of London is no less interesting, as well as London Eyes and other places that make this city mandatory for you to visit.
  5. Prague is one of the cities that you must visit when visiting Europe. The city known as the City of 1000 Towers holds a lot of very interesting scenery to visit. Starting from Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, and others. This unique building form offered by the City of Prague, Czech provides an exotic sensation that is perfect if visiting a beloved partner.

These five countries are indeed worthy of being your destination, although Europe itself has other destinations that are also worth visiting. So in addition to needing a list of destinations to Europe do not forget to prepare other preparations. Like how to prepare for travel to Europe. And anything that needs to be prepared. Do you need a local language every day to talk to local people? Or maybe you need more data to visit every destination that you want.