The reason why you need a vacation

Today, the majority of people would agree that vacationing is an important activity to avoid stress, but in fact, several surveys show that there are still many workers who do not take advantage of their leave allowance for various reasons. In fact, it can have a negative effect on your mental and physical condition you know. Here are some health benefits of taking time off and going on vacation!

Reduce stress

This is certainly the main and most reasonable reason. There are people who are under stress or under pressure can actually work more optimally, but that is actually not good for general health. A study revealed that 80{9b172210ad2bd7db7726b819c8f4cc9796e69eb617ca3d453f1d72fa02f11597} of workers feel work-related stress and 70{9b172210ad2bd7db7726b819c8f4cc9796e69eb617ca3d453f1d72fa02f11597} of the reasons they need to see a doctor are caused by stress-related conditions. Studies show taking leave and vacations can maintain physical, mental health, and prevent burnout at work.

Provides an opportunity for the body to recharge

The human body needs rest. When people start ignoring their body condition, it can cause various complications in the body. A short break every few hours is good, but if you have the opportunity to rest longer to be fully recharged, you should not waste it.

Strengthen the immune system

An exciting vacation will make you laugh more often, and laughing is a powerful medicine for health. Laughter can strengthen the immune system by producing endorphins which can reduce various risks of disease. Likewise, enjoying Vitamin D from sunlight can strengthen the immune system.

Reducing the risk of heart disease

A study examining the relationship between cardiovascular health and holidays revealed that women who take vacations only once every 6 years or more or less are eight times more likely to develop heart disease than those who take at least twice a year vacation. This statistic is not to frighten you but reminds you that vacationing and vacationing are important for your health for a long time.