5 things to do when going on vacation

Today you will go on vacation? Eits, wait a minute. Before leaving the house, it helps you do the following five things.

Check the weather

Find out the weather in your vacation destination. Make sure the sunblock or umbrella is not left, dear. In addition, knowing the weather forecasts in the destination city also makes it easy for you to arrange your tour this time. In addition, also check the weather in the city where you live, if the weather tends to rain then it helps you go early to the airport.

Gadget Battery Recharging

Make sure all of your gadget’s batteries are fully charged. Do not let you be made dead tick while waiting for the plane because your favorite smartphone runs out of power.

Check the State of Traffic

Don’t be lazy when you are going on vacation. Better to immediately check the state of traffic on the roads that you will pass. Who knows, there will be an important event today which will cause the streets to be more congested or even diverted. That way, you can anticipate it and immediately find a solution.

Document Default Goods

Take a camera and a photo of each of your luggage along with complete documents. Why for what? It turns out that the camera is not only used for fun, dear. These photos can become provisions if you are in an emergency. If your bag is damaged because of a mischievous hand for example, you have proof, right? Likewise if your travel documents are lost, of course it will be easier to take care of if you have a copy.

Turn off electricity at home

Finally, before moving away from home, make sure you have unplugged all unused electrical wiring at home. Do not forget to turn off the lights that are not used. This simple thing is important to avoid unwanted things happening, especially if you plan to spend a long vacation.