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Signs and Causes of Depression in College Students

Depression affects the thoughts, physical health, moods and behavior of a person in a big way. Depression can be treated being a medical disorder. There are three neurotransmitters in brain. Any imbalance in them causes mood swings in person. Serotonin is one such neurotransmitter. If its level drops down, fibromyalgia depression occurs. If the level of serotonin is high, a person naturally comes in happy mood. If that happens, you can use CBD Oil. Research has shown that CBD Oil can treat depression.

Causes Of Depression In College Students

College is a stressful time in itself and depression in college is very common. The reasons can be many. Studying in distant colleges culminates into the most typical reason of depression, and that is home sickness. Depression is also caused by the stressful experiences while trying to stabilize the balances between the classes, the social life, the work front, and some expectations.

The insecurity and uncertainty about what the future might be after college ends, or how money can be arranged during the course period, are also matters of concern. Having problems with relationships also transform happy students to depressed students.

Depression in college has also been reported after cases of drug abuse and alcohol or from some unpleasant assault events which leave a mark on the mind and heart of the victim. Sleep deprivation for a very long unhealthy stretch may drive weak students into depression and hamper them.

Signs Of Depression In College Students

Apparently, it is very true that a depressed student is noticeable with submission to weakness and not being able to get over some glumness or perform regular activities. There are however, many more symptoms too, other than the glum mood. Depression in college has been a very common occurrence and there are many features reported to have been observed in victims of depression.

Most typically noticed sign in people who stay under depression in college is the loss of his or her interest in activities that otherwise have been bringing inane joy. The lack of minimum motivation in activities, the feeling of finding it difficult to concentrate, having urges to make suicidal attempts or fearing death, constant anxiety are some of the next set of superlatively common signs of depression. Low self esteem and inability to sleep at all times are very harmful signs of depression and along with others, should be treated urgently.