• 12/03/2020

Tips for Passing Immigration Checks

Immigration check is one step that you must pass when you want to vacation abroad. It is undeniable that dealing with immigrant officers at the airport can make you nervous and have a fear of being refused. In order  to pass the immigration inspection, follow these tips:

1. Prepare the Terms

If you want to go on holiday abroad like Australia, make sure that the passport you have is still valid at least 6 months before it expires. Also, prepare important documents that will be checked by airport immigration officials such as visas, return tickets, and other documents that explain your personal data. Please take care of immigration requirements first and consult with immigration lawyer Bankstown.

2. Show Nominal for Holiday

The immigration officer will usually check your financial capabilities. It aims to ensure that you can finance all your needs during your vacation. Bring documents in the form of a bank account or credit card. If you are an employee, you should bring an employee ID or certificate signed by your employer.

3. Speak Honestly with the Officers

Honesty is the key to success, including passing the immigration inspection stage. Speak honestly to all questions raised by immigration officials. Never lie because the immigration officer will record all your statements to suit your true background. If you lie, you will be refused.

4. Submitting All Terms and Other Documents Simultaneously

Usually, the immigration officer will only look at the basic conditions and ask at least two questions; then you are allowed to enter. But some find it difficult to enter because they cannot fulfill the supporting documents requested by the officers. Therefore, you should submit the requirements and other documents together.

5. Appropriate Appearance and Confidence

Appearance is the first thing that will be notified. If you want to deal with airport immigration officers, you should not use excessive or inappropriate clothing. Wear clothes that show that you are a person who deserves respect. Answer questions from officers with confidence while remaining respectful. Give answers that are consistent and not wordy.

Well, that’s the five tips you can do to pass immigration checks. Again, answer the officers’ questions honestly and with confidence.